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Chloe Cuff’s Mom Says:

When I decided to send my only daughter to BWK for the summer camp, I wanted four things:  She would expand her talent, learn something new, develop new friendships and to enjoy schedule flexibility given my hectic work schedule.  BWK delivred them all and made my scheduling challenges unencumbered and my daugher’s experience fantastic. As a first year student with Broadway Kids,  Chloe is developing her instruments and learning how to be a better performer.  Her role as Golde in the NYC version of “Fiddler on the Roof” will be the culmination of a tremendous summer.

-Coree Cuff-July 23, 2014

Courteney Miller's Mom says:

Over the past 5 years, Courteney has been apart of Broadway Kid Starz and just has had an amazing experience doing it. Ms. Myrick has taught her so much and beyond between acting and voice that she has know been accepted into the college of fine arts at Jacksonville University. Even thought Courteney is getting older and someday may not be apart of this camp, she will always take the things she has learned from Kathleen and keep going with them. This is one amazing director that I can't say thank you enough for all the things Courteney has achieved by working with her. She will always continue to work hard and grow with voice and acting and never give up on what her passion for arts is. Thank you Kathleen for teaching her so much.

-Barb Miller - July 5, 2014

Madison Walker said:

Ms. Myrick, I cannot thank you enough! I credit much of my confidence and success within performing to you. Under your direction I found my voice and realized my dreams can and will come true. Each lesson was challenging and inspiring, my two favorite things when it comes to singing! Each member of Broadway Kid Starz, whether a voice or acting student, is a great friend and an amazing sense of support. The two summers I was able to attend camp changed my outlook on acting and performing. The hard work by all of us, and especially you, taught me about determination, success, how to work with unexpected circumstances, and most importantly about the art and love of performing. Ms. Myrick, you have gone out of your way to stay in contact with me since I made the big move to the University of Florida. I appreciate every time you check in with me, all the times you have been there to answer my questions at midnight, the advice you've given me, and especially for preparing me for my Music Education audition. My acceptance into the school of music and the amazing scholarship show the progress made beginning back in the 9th grade. I am so grateful to have been a part of the Broadway Kid Starz family for the past five years and am thrilled for the next five! 

-July 12, 2014

Erin Stephens’ Mother said:

Hi Ms. Myrick,

It all started with a phone call!! Last summer (2013), my daughter Erin was looking for an acting camp to attend. She Googled local acting camps, and came upon Broadway Kids Starz. As she navigated through the site reading testimonials, looking at pictures, and reading all about you, Ms. Myrick, she knew it was the camp for her. There was only one problem, camp tryouts were the next day.  Erin read off a phone number, and I made that all important call that changed my daughter’s life forever. From the first day I picked her up from camp I could see a spark in her that I never noticed before. Ms. Myrick, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and dedication to all who attended the camp. It is amazing to see how you guide and support the members of Broadway Kids Starz from the first day until their performance. You give the kids deadlines to know their lines, and to have their costumes ready and without any hesitation they respond to your direction. You have become a mentor to my daughter and she will be the first to say how much your opinion and advice means to her.  I cannot express my gratitude for all you have done for my daughter. Erin is looking forward to starting Broadway Kids Starz again this summer, and be a part of Fiddler on the Roof.  And to think, it all started with a phone call!


-Cathy Stephens-February 23, 2014

Carolyn Trahan said:

Hey Kathleen! I am now a Freshman BFA Acting Major at Ithaca College in NY! I don’t know if you’d like to add me since we worked together so long ago, but Cinderella had a HUGE impact on my career. It really solidified my decision to do this for the rest of my life (which is a pretty big deal to 6th grader). This play was the epitome of my grade school experience, and also helped me learn that I have noduls, and I still have them to this day and some people say that’s what makes me distinct as an actress. It was a lot of hard work, and you pushed me in ways I didn’t know I could be. I broke down, I cried, I laughed, and I sang my little heart out. In the end it made me so much better as an actress and now I have the hide of a rhino. Thank you Mrs. Myrick, for helping me be where I am today.

-Carolyn Trahan-March 2, 2014

Robin Thomas’ Mother said:

Hello Ms. Myrick

This is Robin Thomas one of your old students mom Christian.  I wanted you to know that he has been accepted to SCAD in Savannah Georgia.  He will be majoring in Film and Production.  SCAD gave him a $6000 scholarship the other day.  I wanted to thank for believing in him when he was younger.  Keep believing in children it pays off.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Robin Thomas-December 2013

Courteney Miller’s Mom said:

In the past year and a half with Broadway Kid Starz, Courteney has learned so much from one special person and that is Ms. Kathleen Myrick. She has encouraged her to succeed and excel her theatrical and vocal skills. Ms. Myrick is an inspiration to all of us and there is no one else like her. She is always there to help others out and be a strong leader.  From the first show that Courteney had worked with her until this past summer she has given her encouragement and self esteem, which is really important in the theatrical business. We are going to really miss you and  hope to see you  in NYC. I just want to say to you from the bottom of Courteney and myself  thanks for everything  We love you and we will miss you very much.

-Barbara Miller-Summer 2012

Kadian Moody said:

3rd Testimony:

My graduation is tomorrow night! Thank you for all you have ever done for me.. you truly did help me become the type of person I am today and I am so thankful to say that. Miss you so much but I know I'll see you soon. When do come down? 


2nd Testimony:

..man I'm going to miss you..honestly miss myrick working with you and having the opportunity to have you teach me was one of the best opportunities of my life..you not only taught me about acting and singing but about hard work, determination, and doing something until you get it just perfect.   You truly impacted my life and I am forever indebted to you.

Summer 2012

Dylan Tossavainen’s Mom said:


You are doing a great job with these kids.  They love you and they are going to miss you and the opportunities you have given them. I don’t think Dylan will have nearly as much access to performing on stage as he has with you.  He will boo hoo on Sunday. For sure! We appreciate the care you have taken with our child and feel comfortable knowing that you were a good caretaker for his talent, his ego, his ambition and his maturation into a young man.  He looks up to you and we couldn't be happier at what he sees.  Thank you again for caring for Dylan.  Lets enjoy these last few performances and take pride in what you have created here - a legacy that will be remembered by all of these kids...

-Jennifer Tossavainen-Summer 2012

Louis Jackson’s Mom said:


First of all, let me say thank you so much for all you have done for Louis. He is truly a different person thanks to you and your program. I hear you are moving and am so sad to hear that:(  He absolutely loved being on stage and your camp!

-Fran Jackson-Summer 2012

Emily Daclouche’s Mom said:

Kathleen- Thank you so much for being such the awesome mentor to my sweet Emily! She absolutely adores you, and thrives in all that she has learned from you these past 3 years. The Daclouche family is truly going to miss you; we will keep in touch and hopefully be coming to NYC to see you…  J   see you tomorrow!   Love ya

-Wendy Daclouche-Summer 2012

Allyson Haucache’s Mom said:


Thank you !!!!!! For giving  ALLYSON the opportunity to do the play ALLYSON woke,up this morning. Wanted to go to acting camp like she call it :(   Thanks for being part of ALLYSON introduction Into ALLYSON loving acting we got a call today from.her aunt viola,Davis . Offering ALLYSON a part on a,.movie her and her husband are producing on Sept I will keep you post on how it went thank you again.for building. ALLYSON confident :))

-Lourdes Haucache-Summer 2012

Bailey and Matthew Cranford’s Dad said:

Again, thank you so much.  Miss Myrick, you in particular have had an enormous impact on both Matthew and Bailey... especially Bailey.  She pretty much thinks you hung the moon!  In my best "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" voice;   "Miss Myrick, Youu'ree my Heeerooooo"!

-Steve Cranford-Summer 2012

Facia Lee’s Dad said:

Congratulations for another awesome job! We are still overwhelmed by the growth Facia has shown since she's been with you.  Thanks again for everything you've done! Blessings & Favor on your new endeavors!!!!

-Chris Lee-Summer 2012

Sarah Ulrich’s Mom said:

Great job with the plays btw...I am very impressed with how far you got Sarah to come.  Thank you so much you are such a blessing....(wish you were staying)..:  I am very impressed with how far you got Sarah to come in such a short time! 

-Jessica Roszko-Summer 2012

(Charlie Dicey’s Mom said:


I know I've told you that Charlie is liking your class. I just want to tell you how much of a change I've seen in him. He used to love learning/school until we moved to Jax. in January and his teacher was...ummm, not so great-no challenge or fun at all.  I was really worried because Charlie stopped liking learning/school. Since he's been in your class, it has become  much easier for him to do his Summer school work- reading/math, etc. I think he's getting back the confidence/discipline he really needs. 

So, thanks so much again. I'm really glad we found your camp!


--on a different note.. Charlie started crying after his shower tonight-just sobbing into his towel. He told me he missed camp. Even though it was supposed to be a surprise, I blurted out "I'm taking you to Disney World tomorrow!". He was happy for a few seconds and then started crying about missing camp.  And then, just to top it all off, he decided to sing a surprisingly moving and accurate rendition of the Witch song..the "Stay With Me" one.. to his stuffed animal. He is nothing if not dramatic! Your camp trumps Disney World!-good for you-bad for me.

-Kelli Dicey-Summer 2012

Madison Walker’s Mom said:


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the recital today.  You have trained some amazing young talent.  Don't know what everyone is going to do without you next year.  Thanks for pushing Madison.  She has the talent, but sometimes lacks the "fire" which is something, I guess, she'll gain with maturity and experience.  You have been a Godsend for Madison (and me) these past couple of years.  Know that you ARE appreciated.

Many thanks,

-Elaine Neese-Spring 2012

Brandon Leporati said:

Did you know you are so very special to me! You are the one who got me started and actually love acting. And because of you i do auditions for things like tomorrow! In willy wonka a lady who manages stuff like this called me after seeing me one night and I got started! All because of you! I love you

Spring 2012

Jullian Gibson’s Mom said:

Today Julian competed at Florida District 1 (North Florida) Jr. Thespian competition.  Please help me congratulate him for being rated Superior by all judges in Monologues and Large Group Musical.  He won the Best in Show awards for his Monologue and Large Group Musical ("Lie to Your Mother"), both from the Musical Shout!  And he won the biggest award, Critics' Choice, for the Large Group Musical ("Lie to Your Mother").

This is really huge for him and all of you who supported him.  Special thanks to Kathleen, the best vocal coach on the planet!  I'll let you all know when the pictures are posted on the web.  


Erin Carter’s Parents said:

Hi Ms. Myrick,

Just a note to let you know that when we plugged in our Christmas tree this year it didn't start singing "Tomorrow" from Annie as we joked it would, HA!  The tree was used in the performances.  Theatre camp was a dream come true for Erin and has had such a positive impact in her life.  Erin loves the stage!  She has wonderful memories of camp and still talks of it to this day.  Thanks for opportunity for Erin and being a wonderful role model.  Just had to let you know about the tree.  We laughed in anticipation of it being plugged in:)  God Bless you!

Merry Christmas,

The Carter's

-Dave, Marni, Jared & Erin-Fall 2011

Praniti Kudre’s Parent’s said:

Hi Ms. Myrick,

Today, we watched the show first time and were amazed and very impressed to see how much kids prepared under your guidance and direction.  It was very well coordinated and organized.  With so much sets-changing, kids did awesome job.

Thank you so much for the show and summer camp.  GREAT JOB by all.

-Praj Kudre-Summer 2011

Lexis Willis’ Parent’s said...

Just wanted to send you some LOVE... You have been such a blessing to our Lexi... She went from forgetting our names in front of a crowd to being, bold, confident and sure... So many doors and experiences have opened up for her through you and we truly appreciate it soo much!  Thank you for recognizing, stirring up and nurturing the lives you have invested in... WE UNDERSTAND! You have truly gone beyond the call and the payments... Maybe too far... Laugh chad & I love and appreciate you.. Thanks!

-Antoinette Adell Willis & Chad Willis

Anna Barnes (title role of Thoroughly Modern Millie JR) said...

I would like to begin by saying thank you! Words cannot express how fortunate I feel to have worked with Ms. Kathleen Myrick over the past year. I cannot even begin to say what an admiration I have for her talent and skill. She never settles for mediocrity; She will truly take the time to explain and demonstrate until things are done right. When I first started to work with her, I had not even started to break out of my shell. But over the course of the past eight months, I have become a new person. She pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone, and though it was terrifying at first to even THINK about embarrassing myself in front of others, I am so glad to have trusted her. Ms. Myrick is extremely patient, skilled, and talented. I admire her for starting this wonderful program. She has influenced the lives of many children, and will continue to do so. She has given me the motivation to continue to pursue my dreams to the fullest extent, and to "never settle for mediocrity." I look forward to working with her through the remainder of my high school years. Thank you, Ms. Myrick, for being so inspiring!

-Anna Barnes

Christian Tabet’s Mom said...

Was wonderful, magical, delightful and incredible!!!!  Thank you.  I was so proud of my son!!!  Of everyone’s hard work!!!!  Thank you for all you did to pour into these kids and make it happen!!!

-Ilona Tabet-Spring 2011

Dennise Marek’s Mom said...

Kathleen is a rare find in vocal instructors.  She has a gift for understanding each student's uniqueness and aptitude.

Dennise started with Kathleen to train her voice one year ago.  Her teaching skills are seamless, her personality a delight.  With her use of visualization and sound exercises she inspires confidence.

I was amazed how quickly Dennise has improved and excited about the possibilities ahead. Dennise has recently competed in The National Federation of Music Clubs Festival (District) where she reached the highest rating: “Superior”.  She is going to the state competition in May.

We're lucky to have found her!"

-Alena Marek

Michael Moody said...

Micheal Moody Certificate.pdf

Harrison Allen said...

I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done.  From the beginning in Cinderella when you said, “you’re definitely good…and you’ll have a speaking part.”  to busting a gut singing some of the best songs I never thought I’d be able to sing in a million years.  And now giving me the confidence and bringing out the Harrison that wasn’t always there.  To making me the actor I am today.

-July 11, 2010

Samantha and Montanna Jenkins’ Mom said...

Hello everyone,

Wow what a whirlwind. Montanna, Samantha, and I just wanted to say thank you so much to Ms. Myrick for putting together such a great show, camp, and experience. What a great vision to put it all together the way it was, and to undertake casting multiples for the shows in order that all kids get time on stage. WOW.... what a vast undertaking. Casting multiples in such a short time would be daunting for adult actors, but to undertake a complete show with multiples for children in just 4 weeks.....that's talent, from all side.... We thank you.

Also, we wanted to say: What a great group of talented children you all were. I personally sat at every single show, and loved them all. It was great watching everyone's interpretation of their characters, and quite frankly was just fun to watch and you could feel the 'thrill' from the kids on stage... I heard nothing but wonderful things from the other audience members (some of whom did not even have anyone in the show)....

Additionally, thank you for all those who contributed to the 'cast party', it was appreciated, and I really think the kids enjoyed 'getting together' to mingle... ; )

We can't wait to see you all again, and see more visions from Ms Myrick.

-Samantha, Montanna and Michelle Jenkins

Avery Latta-Raines' Mom said...

Avery thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be on stage and learn more about acting and chorus. It is wonderful to have the arts introduced to our young people which allows them the chance to experience being "on stage." Ms. Myrick helped our children develop their voice in chorus and find their talents in the acting world. I was truly amazed at the level of professionalism these kids were performing.
-Dr. Sherry Latta-Raines

Brandon and Ronald Ferraco's Family said...

"My kids had a wonderful time this summer, thanks to Miss Myrick. They had the privilege to work with Miss Myrick who is an absolute professional. She allows them to have fun but at the same time, she teaches them responsibility and accountability. She has a knack for being able to dig down and bring out the best from each child. She helps to show them all that is possible with a little hard work and dedication. Miss Myrick truly loves her job which is apparent each time you watch her work. We are from New York and grew up with the arts all around us and it is so wonderful to have found an artistic outlet for our children here in Florida".  

- Lara, John, Ronald and Brandon Ferraco

Cortnie Frazier’s Grandmother said...

Cortnie (Lumiere) enjoyed her first experience ever on Broadway with Broadway Kidz. She learned a lot about what it takes to be a performer and all the hard work to make it all come together. All her family and friends were very impressed with the performance and all the talented children. Cortnie made a lot of new friends during the camp and thanks to you and all the parents involved we all have wonderful memories that will last forever. Cortnie is waiting on information for the next performance. Thank you again for her opportunity to shine.
 -Lawana Frey (Nana)

Christian Thomas’ Mom said...

My son really had a grand experience this summer. Ms. Myrick really put on a great play "Beauty and the Beast" my son Christian just had a blast evolving into the Beast. This was a production I will never forgot. Ms. Myrick is such a blessing to our community and most of all to our wonderful children. Her dedication and perseverance has put a positive impact on my son for years to come. She brings out the best in our children and for that I'm ever grateful to her. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
-Robin Thomas proud mom of Christian Thomas

Harrison Allen's Mom said...

“My son was very fortunate to have had the experience of working with Kathleen Myrick at Thunderbolt Elementary.  Her experience and dedication brought new life to the program.  She was truly a mentor and inspiration.  She settles for nothing less than perfection and in doing so, that’s exactly what she gets out of the kids!  Her love of theatrical arts and love for children makes working with her a true privilege.  It is wonderful that she’s able to take a break from her career in New York to come back to Jacksonville and direct a summer musical.” 

-  Lisa Allen (parent)

Kadian said...

"Ms. Myrick, I luv you so much for putting your energy into these shows!  Your assertiveness just makes me laugh and smile.  I luv that it’s something that you love to do, and you do it soo well.  I have to thank you for being the best.  This show would not be anything without you as our director and teacher.  The shows that you direct are always the best and everyone luvs them…I luv you always.  our director and teacher the shows that u direct r always the best and every one luvs them.... i luv u always ♥"
- Kadian Moody

Lauren Barber said...

I would like to state what a wonderful admiration I have for Ms. Kathleen Myrick. I was very shy and awkward when I began to study with her, but over the course of the two years that she instructed me, I grew in confidence and knowledge. I accredit her for pushing me to step beyond my comfort zone and limitations. I am now working diligently to grow my craft and plan to pursue a career in the arts.  Ms. Myrick will take her students that have no knowledge of stage presence, striking a set, blocking, or even what a curtain call is, to putting on a show that is second to none!  She is an extraordinary teacher who is committed to every student. I would like to reference a quote that is quite true. " The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires". - William Ward.  Ms. Myrick is truly an inspiration to me!

-Lauren Barber-Vocalist/Actress/Model

Margaret Jeng said...

"2009’s Beauty and the Beast was spectacular!! Ms. Myrick definitely knew what she was doing. She is creative, passionate, and SO very talented! She is extremely dedicated and with that, the show was out of this world! Ms. Myrick was able to turn a bunch of ordinary kids to outstanding performers! I’ve been in quite a few of Ms. Myrick’s productions and you have no idea how amazing it is to work with her. Over the many, many hours I spent with her, rehearsing, I’ve realized what a joy it is to have her and how blessed I am to be able to work with such a marvelous teacher! I definitely look up to her, as should anybody that has a heart for singing/acting. My lifetime goal is to become a doctor one day, but Ms. Myrick has inspired me to be so much more! Something that I know I will achieve under her directions. Ms. Myrick’s ability to teach people about theatre wows me every time, because every time, I learn something new. And every time I grow as an actress. And I owe it all to her! BKS was an experience of a lifetime! One I will never forget. I met many kids with the same passion and made many new friends. I was able to expand my knowledge with Ms. Myrick and learn valuable lessons from my peers. Things an actor/actress can only dream of!"
-Margaret Jeng

Sydney Smith's Mom said...

"Well, what can I say except, Bravo! Ms. Kathleen Myrick took me by surprise a few years back when she came to Thunderbolt Elementary and transformed a group of young students into amazing inspired stage performers! With a passion for perfection, she brought out the actor in every child, creating two top-notch musical performances. Sydney was inspired to work hard and literally became one of the Crazy Stepsisters in “Cinderella” and the next year Ms. Myrick turned her into Red Riding Hood for the “Into the Woods” musical. Sydney’s two years under Ms. Myrick’s instruction gave her the skills and confidence to take on any role in the future! ".  

- Mrs. Smith